System Errors

Due to the amount of high traffic on the site, “system errors” sometimes occur. System errors are software malfunctions that cause the operating system to no longer work properly. This may result in incorrect order submissions and multiple pending payments on your account. In the event that following happens to you, you are STRONGLY suggested to file a claim on the pending payment to ensure and to speed up the refunding process.

How to avoid system errors:

- DO NOT press the “place order” button more than once! This can result in multiple pending payments on your account. The pending payments will be refunded to you in two to three business days by Shopify Payments NOT A Dose Of Honey Skincare.

- DO NOT RUSH PLACING YOUR ORDERS! I know Restock Days can be hectic, but take your time it’s for the better. It’s HIGHLY recommended to set up a account on the site to ensure a quicker checkout process.

- Refresh browser. 

Please know that ADOH cares and loves all of our customers. We are only trying to ensure that our customers are satisfied and safe at all times. Happy Shopping!