Black Owned & Operated

Here at A Dose Of Honey Skincare Products & Company, we provide a safe space for not only melanted skin, but for all colors of the rainbow and skin types. Every A Dose Of Honey product is handcrafted by a Black woman and made with you in mind.

The Natural Way

All ADOH products are toxin-free, plant-based, and cruelty-free. A Dose Of Honey believes in only using natural ingredients, so that we can provide our customers with proper and safe skincare. The skin is your body’s biggest organ, it is very important that it is taken care of correctly

Carefully Formulated

Every product that we offer has been carefully tested to ensure that the products are not only natural, but work effectively. We also understand that everyone has their own standards and needs, so we analyze and test ingredients to find the best care for you and your skin.

A Tribute To Our Angel


I am learning how to live in a new way since that day you were taken away. I am learning how to live with the things left unsaid, knowing I got to say them with every tear that I shed. I am learning how to live by embracing the pain knowing that you live on in my heart. My love, I am learning how to live knowing I will never again see your face, but I have peace knowing you’re in a better place. I am learning how to live knowing you’re in God’s care. It gives me the strength to move on and it makes all my pain much easier to

I love you.